walk in powder coating spray booth
walk in powder coating spray booth
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Walk in Booths (also called Cabin Booths) are ideal when coating large and bulky or heavy parts. As the name suggests, after the part to be coated has been rolled into the cabin, the operator walks in and coats the parts from all sides. These parts are then rolled out directly into the powder curing oven.

These booths find use in batch system for control panels, cabinet, large iron cast products, etc.

Walk in Booths also could have mono Cyclones as a recovery system.

Our 3222 powder spray booth is easy to clean, resulting in a quick color change and is safe to operate. No powder spillage out of the booth

It is suitable for heavy and large metal workpiece,people can carry the workpiece and walk in the booth to hang the workpiece.

Model COLO-S-3222
Booth type Walk-in type
internal dimension 3000width x 2000 height x 1700 depth
Outside dimension 3080width x 2080 height x 2200 depth
Weight 450kg
Power supply Electric
Voltage 110V/220V/380V/415V
Frenquency 50-60HZ
Filters Polyester Polyester
Filters hang type Easy to change
Filter cleaning system Pneumatic

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