Tunnel powder coating oven
Tunnel powder coating oven
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  • Description
Tunnel furnaces are designed for continuous operations. The productpainted in these furnaces which are used in conveyor automaticfacilities is constantly processed under desired temperature and time.It may be manufactured in various types depending on the lack of spaceto be installed or conveyor speed (U-turn, S Type or M Type). Maximumpainting efficiency is obtained with high capacities by means of thosesystems.
Technical Specifications
-Manufactured in modular design by means of sandwich type interlocking panels with a thickness of 150 mm
-Maximum efficiency in fuel by means of its new combustion chamber
-Furnace insulation is provided by 17m³/h glass wool and rock wool with a density of 53m³/h
-Available for electrical energy by liquid fuels such as LPG, Natural Gas and Diesel Fuel
-CE certified burner
-Heating chamber is three-pass exchanger system consisting of a body which is made of sheet-iron conforming to AISI 316 standard and seamless pipe of which the transition pipes are Ø60,3 mm.
-Heat control is provided by means of a specially designed alarm digital thermostat
-Airflow is provided homogeneously by means of insulated direct coupled engine radial fan and adjustable valves.
-Control panel components are SIEMENS/TELEMECANIQUE branded or equivalent. Internal cable wiring is installed up to the board.

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