Vertical Powder Coating  Line
Vertical Powder Coating  Line
Vertical Powder Coating  Line
Vertical Powder Coating Line
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Lay out

1set Auto pretreatment
1 set Drying oven
4 set Powder spray booth
4 set Mono-cyclone recovery system
4set Nine filters recycle system
1 set Powder Curing Oven
3 set Dry and Curing Oven Burner (gas)
6 set Heat Circulation System for dry and curing oven
4 set Powder feed centre

Powder Coating Booth with Mono-cyclone Recovery System

1.External dimension: L8000 x W1300 x 3400mm;
2.Exhaust blower: 7.5KW, 1 pcs
  • Powder spray booth

Booth Panel Galvanized Steel 1.5mm
Main Frame A3 Steel Profile
Sealing Glue Form Glue
Powder Cleaning System Air Cylinder

  • Powder spray booth
Tunnel Pretreatment

1. Size of pretreatment:L84m x W1.2m x H3.5m internal size
2. Body plate material: 304# stainless steel;
3. Pretreatment time: pre-degrease 120s; degreasing 120s; phosphate 120s; washing 30s;


1. A large production(40-60tons one day)
2. Height 6-8m
3. suitable long workpiece
4. Need a certain space

Colo design, manufacture and install this vertical powder coating plant in Saudi.

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