Pre-treatment systems
Pre-treatment systems
Pre-treatment systems
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It uses overhead crane to lift the processed objects and soakinto the chemical tanks. After soaking it is lifted up for drying. It is recommended for complicated sections, or to remove heavy rust surface. Such process for low investment
It is recommended for complicated sections, or to remove
heavy rust surface. Such process for low investment

Spraying Tunnel:
The spraying type is by using many spraying nozzles and circulation pump to spray chemicals onto the processed objects. This process is suitable for big production capacity requirement. The spraying tunnel normally requires 316L Stainless Steel to be fabricated, there for the investment is relatively high.

Dipping Pre-treatment:
Dipping pre-treatment equipment is mainly used for the chemical reaction principle artifacts, workpieces in turn into the pretreatment tank, Base material react with tank liquid, grease, scale, dust on the surface of the workpiece and the clutter is clean, provide excellent corrosion resistance base material for final coating.

Sandblast Pre treatment:
Suction sand blasting cabinet are suitable for surface treatment of all products of metal, plastic and glass ect. Remove oxide skin. There are cyclone separation system and dust removal system.

The machine is whole machine. (dust collector and separator are at the back of machine.)

1. Having characteristics of rotary stand type sand blast machine
2. Special track shallow designing that heavy work could be put on it. It’s convenient.
3. Rotary trammer can be fixed according to the requirement
4. Alternative manual or automatic rotary stand

Technical Data
Working area 1200*1200*800mm
Dust collect bags
Pressure 3-8bar
Flow 1 m3/min
Turntable Dia 800mm
Turntable bearing weight 150kg
Dimension of blast cabin 900*800*650mm
Power supply 220V, 50HZ
Illuminating light 220V, 13W energy saving light
Machine net weight 320kg
Loaded weight of rotating station 150kg
Separator motor 220V, 50HZ, 1100W
Separator air volume 8.5m3/min
Compressed air supply 2-8bar(kg/cm2)
Warranty 1year

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