Powder Coating Line for table and chairs
Powder Coating Line for table and chairs
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2-work position manual powder coating

1) Size:Outer sizeL6.0×W1.5×H1.8(m)
2) Material: SPGt 1.2mm
3) Work position: 2 manual work positions
4) Automatic reciprocator: 2 set travel 2.5m.with automatic gun 8 pcs
4) Equipped with 2 pcs ceiling lighting , ensure enough illumination
5) Explosion proof lighting system, mounted outside of the booth, easy to clean and repair and avoid to be sucked by the recovery system during long-time use.

Fast color change cyclone powder recovery system
1) Enough air capacity,less shake,low noise
2) Independent from the booth to prevent the resonance and reduce the noise.
3) High quality filter to ensure the fitler efficiency.
4) Pulse blowback to ensure the filters have good breathability during long time working.
5) The filter cabinet is easy to change,saving time(the replaced filter cabinet could be cleaned in other time)
Gas curing oven*1set
1)Size Outer size:L39.5×W1.4×H2.0(m)
2)Material:100mm thick rock wool board.internal material SPGt1.0mm.
Outer material 0.7mm color plate
3) Disassembled structure, easy to transport and install.
4) Underframe:squre pipe 10#
5)Heating with Gas burner 30,0000 kcal (Italy Riello brand) 1 set
6) Fan motor power:7.5kw,380V,3phase 50Hz 1 set

Gas heating system*1set
1) Heating power:Gas burner 30,0000 kcal (Italy Riello brand)
2) Curing temprature: min temprature 200℃ ,max temprature 250℃
3) Temprature up to 200℃ need 40 min

Automatic reciprocator

1)Rated voltage:AC220V~240V/50~60Hz
2)Rated power:0.75Kw
3)Speed:0.08m/S-0.8m/S (adjustable)
4) Stroke:2.5m
5)Setting system:digital button
6)Speed reducer:worm gear
7)Speed control method:frequency conversion
8)Required temperature:-10~50℃

1) Mitsubishi frequency converter, integrated transducer and worm gear. Make sure the process reliable and steadily.
2) Digital operation panel, could preset 80 sets  mode data for backup
3) You could preset the Max and Min limits according to the working conditions so that to avoiding the knocking.
4) You could preset automatic running when opening the electric power.
5) There are 88 sets of polyurethane roller inside to hold the direction guide pillar, work stable, abrasion rate low.

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