Powder Coating Conveying System
Powder Coating Conveying System
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We supply different types conveyor line for powder coating or painting lines .

COLO conveyor system include the products as follow:
Common chain :5T chain,7Tchain,QX150 ,QX200,QX250 ,QX300
heavy chains:X-348 X-458 X-678 ,chain with I beam ,Drive unit,Tensioning, spreader ,automatic Lubrication tool ,electric cabinet.
We can supply different overhead conveyors with capacities ranging from 15kg single point conveyors up to 'I' beam conveyors up to 400kg.
Also we could supply  Power and Free conveyor systems,which  suitable for building  space limited but hope big production capacity user.
Order can be according to the drawing or just tell us what you need our technical staff will design for you .
  • QX150 chain
  • X348 Chains with trolley
  • straight trolley
  • Drive unit
  • spreader
  • rotate spreader
  • Power and free conveyor system

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