Powder Coating Fluidizing Hopper
Powder Coating Fluidizing Hopper
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Powder Coating Fluidizing Hoppers

- We supply various of powder hoppers for big or small scale applications of powder coating.

- Each hopper has fluidizing function that breaks up powder accumulation and removes moisture, improve powder coating quality.

- Big hoppers can be disassembled, designed for easy and quick cleaning.

- We have large quantities in stock, quick delivery and very favorable price for users or distributors.

  • powder coating hopper 60lbs Powder Hopper, Size:D62xH36cm
  • 50lbs Powder Hopper, Size:D52xH36cm
  • 40lbs Powder Hopper, Size:D42xH36cm
  • 10 lbs Small Hopper, Size:D20xH30cm
  • 2 lbs Powder Hopper, Size:D10xH20cm
  • 1 lbs Powder Hopper, Size:D10xH10cm

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