Powder Coating Booth Filters
Powder Coating Booth Filters
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Powder Coating Booth Filters, Cartridge Filters

- Our high quality cartridge filters are specially developed for powder coating booth to increase performance.

- Booth filters effectively capture oversprayed powders during coating process that create dustfree working condition.

- 0.1 micron high precision filter is capable of recovering approximately 100% of powder that passes through them.

- Different specifications for choice(diameter x height):  325x600mm, 325x90mm, 325x1200mm, etc

  • quick release type filtersPowder Coating Cartridge Filters
  • rotary wing powder coating filtersFilters for Powder Coating Spray Booth

We have quick-release type filters, suitable for powder spray booth of multi-color application, changing color just changing filters with quick operation.

As well as supply rotary wing filters, suitable for powder booth with single color application, or as a secondary recovery unit for cyclone booth. As it iis not required to change frequently, and service life is extended due to a rotary wing.

  • quick release type filtersQuick-release Type Cartridge Filters
  • rotary wing powder coating filtersRotary Wing Type Cartridge Filters.

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