Fast Color Change Mono Cyclone Powder Recovery System Powder Coating Booth
Fast Color Change Mono Cyclone Powder Recovery System Powder Coating Booth
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Powder spray booth feature:

Various range of industrial powder spray booths is based on a modular concept, which enables each booth to be customized to suit any specific requirement. The size of the Manual & Automatic Booth is determined by the size, the speed and the shape of the objects to be coated. The high efficiency recycle system recovers as much as 98% plus of the powder exhausted from the booth.

Specificition for this fast color change walk-in mono cyclone spray booth

Booth Type Mono cyclone
Operator dimensions 3000width x 2000 height x 1500 depth (1PC)
Overall dimensions 3200width x 2200 height x 2000 depth
Weight 1000kg
Power supply Electric
Nominal power 7.5KW
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Filters Polyester
Filters count 9
Filters hang type Easy for change
Filter cleaning system Pneumatic
Warranty 12 months

100% Polyester filters

Colo's booths uses only the highest quality filters made from 100% polyester, they does not sink water, well separates the powder from the air. They can be washed with water under pressure, they provide long-term operation.


In Booths manufactured by Colo we use aluminium fans which are safe, doesn't cause sparks when rubbing by metal elements which in case of using metal fan can cause explode. Because of their importance to save energy and consume small amounts of current. And they are very quiet, work at the level of 74-79dB. The motor is hidden in the Booth, which makes the Booth lower.

Automatic filter cleaning

Colo's cabins are equipped with an electronic automatic filter cleaning system. Booth has a adjusted range of cleaning interval, the time of the impulse, each filter is individually cleaned, filters can also be cleaned manually with buttons.

PLC Control unit

Colo’s control unit have many program. Different bottom correspondence different function. Control the fan on/off, adjust time range of the pulse to cleaning filters, make the recovery powder hopper up and down.

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