Compact Powder Coating Line
Compact Powder Coating Line
Compact Powder Coating Line
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Client’s Company: Lao Asie Group
  •  Auto Guns Powder Coating System

Installation Key Data


  • Powder Coating Curing Oven
1 Set Powder Coating Curing Oven Tunnel
1 Set Curing Oven Heating – Diesel Burner with Heat Exchanger
1 Set Powder Coating Booth
1 Set Mono-Cyclone with After Filter Recover System
1 Set Moving Platform
1 Set COLO-800A Auto Guns Powder Coating System ( 8 Guns)
2 Set COLO-2000D Reciprocators
1 Set Conveyor Line (Appr. 31.5 meters/conveyor, two conveyors)
1 Set PLC Touch Screen Control

  • Powder Coating Booth

Powder Coating Booth Moving Platform

The conventional type Horizontal Powder Coating Plant it uses very long and big space. And henceit is difficult for existing factories to consider production expansion. However with Compact System, it only needs about 300 S2M of land (15 x 20 meters) therefore it is ideal for Factories having limiting space. (Space high at least 6m)The capacity of this design is limited about 3 -4tons Lao Asie Group is getting desired output and even he want to take more coating job work from the market.

Colo design, manufacture and install this compact powder coating plant in indonesia.

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