CL-191S 2 in 1 New Manual coating systems
CL-191S 2 in 1 New Manual coating systems
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CL-191S 2 in 1 New Manual powder coating system description:

2-in-1 Powder Coating Gun Package gives you the best of both worlds by combining the functions of a box feed model powder coating gun and a hopper feed model powder coating gun together into one easy to use factory-matched system.

Literally two machines in one, it’s the perfect setup for the powder coating shop that handles different types and sizes of jobs on a daily basis.

From flat work to deep corner part or machined parts to metallic’ s , the 2-in-1 can handle any job that comes through your shops door with ease.

CL-191S New Manual coating systems Feature

1,CL-191S offers 3 pre-set standard application programs for flat parts, profiles and re-coating .It is very easy to operate for a beginners .
2,Allows you to create and store your own application programsoptimized for your parts and powder. Each part can be coated always with its ideal settings for experience operator.  Up to 20 coating programes can be stored in the control unit, which also includes the 3 pre-set programes,can be easily selected via the display pilot.
3,A clear and easy to use interface makes it easy for every user to take advantage of these powerful technologies

Quick Program & Powder Flow Changes

Program and powder flow changes are fast and easy too. Just press the “P” button to move between coating modes. and use the handy up and down arrows for adjusting powder flow as you coat.

Includes Three (3) FREE Hoppers

CL-191S 2-in-1 Powder Coating Gun Package ships with 2 different sizes of hoppers and 1 powder cup to handle any type of powder and any size job. The 2 liter organic glass mini hopper is perfect for  metallic’s and for quick jobs like a set of rims ,the cup ideal for powder coating testing ,easy for change color,don’t need powder hose connecting.

The 10 liter stainless steel hopper holds 5 to 8 L of powder and is ideal for those larger jobs.

If you want a big hopper ,will be available.

COLO-191S New Manual coating systems Technical parameter

Power range




Temperature range in use

-10   +50

Gun weight:


Rated output voltage


Maximum output voltage

0-100KV (  adjustable)

Maximum powder injection



negative (-)

Maximum input-air pressure


Optimum input-air pressure


Maximum compressed-air consumption

13.2 m3/h

What’s included in the powder coating system packages?

Complete CL-191S Box Feed Powder Coating System with gun, controller, stand, hoses, cables, and connectors.
2 Liter Mini- Hopper
10 Liter Stainless Steel Hopper
Assembly and Operation Manual and Video in English

2 Years Warranty
Every 191s powder coating system is by a full 2 year factory warranty. Should your system ever fail to operate, just call us, will resolve and make powder coating machine running fast.

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